JJR Acoustics, LLC

JJR Acoustics, LLC - Specializing in providing advanced OEM acoustic systems and audio products to the worlds leading manufacturers(Est. 2011).


Consulting/Engineerig Services in Detail:

  • Evaluation of Audio Product Performance
  • Design of Audio Components
  • Design of Audio System Features
  • Full Audio System Integration
  • Unique Equalization
  • Competitive Benchmarking Analysis
  • Testing








Sound that creates pure joy.

Highest sound quality – so faithfully reproduced exactly as it sounded in the recording studio or the live event. JJRs passion for music drives them to design and develop products to bring exactly this sound to your home and to always continue to perfect it. JJR Acoustics support the manufacturers of the consumer electronics industry in the development of individual components for fully integrated audio systems. Every single component is subjected to a fine-tuning to achieve the best possible performance. The engineers of JJR Acoustics work hand-in-hand with the manufacturers engineers.


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