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Audible multidisciplinary simulation solutions by MVOID®

A noise-optimized driving atmosphere and melodious music can greatly contribute to make driving by car much more pleasant. In order to achieve an outstanding sound experience every car requires a tailored-made solution. Optimum surround sound in a car can only be achieved if an audio system is developed that is carefully tailored to the conditions of each model of the specific automobile. The number, size and position of the loudspeakers must be defined and optimized. The individual system component design is done together, for the best overall system design. Computer simulations use the vehicle data to define multiphysical parameters for each of the loudspeakers in the system and to define their ideal positions for a full system optimization.


JJR Acoustics has entered into a partnership with MVOID® Group, Germany. MVOID is a globally recognized, owner-operated developing company in virtual acoustics and sound design and expert in the modeling of simulation processes. The guiding principle of MVOID is to virtually optimize the acoustic performance of products and systems in the early product development phase. Thanks to MVOID methodology results from the concept phase are audible. MVOIDs multidisciplinary simulation solutions combine a digital physics approach and auralization.


The MVOID methodology provides a growing multidisciplinary simulation for safe analysis and enables a continuous evaluation and improvement of products and systems throughout the complete development process while at the same time validates acoustic properties.


Companies benefit from the MVOID methodology in that they can make optimal design decisions already on the virtual model, consequently development cycles can be shortened and project risks as well as project costs can be reduced.


Under the agreement, JJR Acoustics and MVOID collaborate with car manufacturers in the area of multidisciplinary simulations in USA, South Korea, Japan and China.



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