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JJR Acoustics, LLC - Specializing in providing advanced OEM acoustic systems and audio products to the worlds leading manufacturers (Est. 2011).



Jeff Bailey – Principal Member, Systems Integration

Jeff is a Co-founder and Principal of JJR Acoustics. He brings over 30 years of experience in audio design of telecommunications and automotive systems to JJR Acoustics. Jeff holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in 1983. Jeff is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and has co-authored several technical papers in the area of Test and Measurements

Before co-founding JJR Acoustics in 2011, Jeff  worked at Harman International Industries Inc. in the Automotive Division. He was a distinguished member of the technical staff and worked as senior engineer in the Acoustic Systems Engineering group.



Roger Shively

Roger Shively – Principal Member, Research & Development

Roger is a Co-founder and Principal of JJR Acoustics. Roger brings over 30 years of experience in engineering research and development. He has expert knowledge in acoustical design and product development for audio and acoustic components. He has published 15 scientific papers in the areas of transducers, automotive audio, psychoacoustics, and computer modeling. Roger holds U.S. and International Patents related to the design of advanced acoustic systems and applications. He has significant experience in product realization, as well as in launching new products at OEM manufacturers around the world. He received a B.S. of Acoustics from Purdue University and completed post-graduate work in Finite Element Analysis.

Before co-founding JJR Acoustics in 2011, Roger  worked as Chief Engineer of Acoustic Systems as well as functional manager for North American and Asian engineering product development teams in the Automotive Division of Harman International Industries Inc.










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