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JJR Acoustics, LLC - Specializing in providing advanced OEM acoustic systems and audio products to the worlds leading manufacturers (Est. 2011).





JJR Acoustics offers Consulting and Engineering Services in Automotive Audio, Consumer Audio and Personal Audio. We are Audio Industry Veterans in audio design, development, tuning, and evaluation with more than 65 years of worldwide experience in OEM and ODM design and development. The focus of our business is on development and integration of anything from a single Audio component up to complex integrated system, from base-grade level quality up to branded audiophile quality Audio. As each product and  system has to meet the highest requirements for an outstanding sound experience, JJR works in close collaboration with the engineers of the OEMs.

Outstanding sound profiles, innovative technology and uncompromising quality are a top priority in an effort to meet customer requirements.

JJR operates with highly qualified employees and partners in ten different countries throughout the US, Europe and Asia and counts some of the most important car manufacturers and manufacturers in the entertainment industry among its customers.

JJR holds the Patent on Transaural three-dimensional sound in a multi-channel automotive sound systems (#5,883,961 March 16, 1998, also applied for in Europe, 2006) and Sound Processing System for Configuration of Audio Signals in a Vehicle (No. 11336/658, August 12,2004, renewed 2009, 11336/1817).

JJR Acoustics, LLC is an independent organization and was founded in 2011.

JJR is member of the Audio Engineering Society, Acoustical Society of America, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Company Profile: JJR Proifile Thumbnail


JJR Acoustics, LLC


  • Audio system design (Consumer & Automotive)
  • Automotive and Room Acoustics
  • Mathematical simulation and optimization
  • Audio research and development
  • Acoustic research
  • Loudspeaker design
  • OEM business development
  • Marketing and brand audio development
  • Engineering managment







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